Tuesday, December 30, 2008


JERIT or Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas is the so called NGO's that represented the oppressed citizens by the Malaysian government !! Makes me wonder are there still oppressed Malaysian citizens?? I do not know which part of oppression do they meant? Malaysia has achieved its independence from the British rule sometime 51 years ago. The word "oppression" to my understanding is that the citizens does not qualify to vote, nor enjoyed all the benefits that the ruling government hands out or are being bullied, humiliated and have no rights at all in their own homeland. JERIT for that matter should "identify" how are they being oppressed by the government of the day!!. JERIT should be sent to the Palestine state to experience what "oppression" really meant before staging such unfounded rally...worse they involved innocent childrens and youths for their unfounded cause.

Anwar Ibrahim is the PKR new State Liasion Chief

After failing to topple BN and be PM on 16 September, Anwar Ibrahim is now focused on Sarawak. His tour duty to Sarawak attracted many especially those who failed many times to be the Yang Berhormat!. With the encouragement from State PKR and DAP it seem Anwar is 'pretty sure' he could wrest the power from Sarawak BN thus appointing himself as the new Liasion Chief..and sidelined Dominique Ng who have struggled for PKR cause in the state for many years.

This new scenario is no surprised as the party chiefs from semenanjung feels they are better, more knowlegeable, more educated and more experienced than their counterparts in Sarawak. If PKR does take over the state in the next election..who will be CM ? Is it Anwar or Dominique Ng ? or could it be Lim Kit Siang or some other DAP stalwarts from semenanjung ? Anything is possible !!.

Adit, Jimmy Donald, Jawah Gerang are just 'tools' to PKR to attract the Iban votes in the rural areas..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

80 Percent Managers Spend Their Time Talking ?

An article was passed by a friend titled "80% Managers found spending their time talking or communicating". A communication unit in US surveyed 50% - 80% of the managers spend their time communicating with each other. The article also mentioned that poor management comes from poor communication skills. Bad and ineffective communication signalled a lack of thinking power in a person. Lacking in good communication skill may also be the one of the factors that contribute to poor sales for some companies.

As I read through i also found out that no matter how bad or how poor our bosses communicating skills are..they are still in command...they're still feared...and respected...although sometimes their decisions does make us wonder...WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING ???...

Merry Christmas to all...Have a joyous and wonderful Christmas and for those driving back to their carefully...and safely

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hudud law YES or NO..PAS ?

PAS stands firm over the implementation Islamic Criminal laws (Hudud) once PR take over the government, said Tok Guru, Nik Aziz while Penang CM, Lim Guan Eng was surprised because it was never part of PR manifesto. Najib said PAS only brings up Hudud laws during polls. Comments coming from these so called seasoned politicians is no surprised to anyone as the issue of Hudud laws had been brought up many years by PAS but never being implemented even in its own governed state of Kelantan. For once i do agreed with Najib that Hudud laws as mentioned by PAS is just a 'campaign tool' to attract the muslim voters.

The way I see it.. PAS is just 'toying' with PKR and DAP with no intention of really being a member of the Peoples' Alliance if they do wrest the power from BN. Just imagine, a day earlier Husam Musa said PAS will implement Hudud laws if they rule..the next day the same Husam Musa said Hudud law will only be implemented if PKR and DAP agree to it...and my question : Is Hudud law implemented in Kelantan ? Ask any Kelantanese who are working in Sarawak!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No Surprise in Malaysian Football

Sathianathan is just born lucky....instead of being fired for his failure in AFF Suzuki Cup...he was offered another year...with condition to raised our world ranking!!!!!! surprise at all because its' FAM...the highest authority in Malaysian football.... we malaysians are so proud to fail...because we read books on 'Dare To Fail'. Even our target in AFF Suzuki Cup was not to win the Cup but just to enter the semifinal stage!!... and it happens in every sport....except for Datuk Nicol David....who seem invincible as the No.1 Squash player in the world...

Who should be blame for our inferiority in football? Once...we are feared by the Koreans, Japanese and the we are the whipping boys....even Mynmar, Laos or Bangladesh does not fear us...not to mention Thailand, Singapore of Philippine...tiny but rich Brunei Sultanate can whip us anytime soon...

For me...failure is not an option...he failed many times before..yet...he is still entrusted to raise our world ranking ? Are we in a dream world..whereby miracles happened overnight? FAM should be more realistic...but then again...the late Datuk Basri....a symbol of success in football failed to convinced FAM to take drastic measures to stop our decline....

No wonder we have almost empty stadiums during the so called Malaysian Super League....and what is so SUPER...when we even failed against our own ASEAN we can only dream of being in the ASIAN Cup Final...never mind the World Cup Final..which we will never be a part of...

PR Manifesto just for election only

Recently 3 state governed by PR announced to buy new imported car for their exco members. This is is reported the V6 Perdana is very costly to maintain....and not to abused the taxpayers money...they chose to use imported car..supposedly to be cheaper...and easier to maintain...I do remember...when the Terengganu government change their V6 Perdana for C200 Kompressor Mercedes Benz...there was un uproar on both sides....and now the announcement by the 3 PR States..

Well...its their government, its their states... and its their money...and yet before they came into power all sorts of promises were given to the voters....all sorts of slander was aimed at the BN...and when thay are in power...they are no less better than their their manifesto's during the election are just for shows..but not for it to be implement...

So Sarawakians voters...beware...sweet promises sometime turned in taking too many sweets is also very harmful to our body ..especially our teeth...

Bush Shamed In Iraq

Some brand it shameful while others hail Al-Baghdadia jounalist for his shoe attack on Bush. A brave action..One might think back....years ago when Bush Sr failed attempt to topple Saddam was followed up succesfully by his son...which he admitted he was wrong to attack Iraq because of the WMD (as reported by CIA) possessed by the Iraqi government. Actually...Bush was just trying to disposed avenged Bush Sr. act of revenge that have turned Iraq into a violatile country...

Are we Malaysians prepared to be in the same predicament as the Iraqis...just because we want changes...just because we think ISA is a draconian act....just because some people want to in power...? Think ...think and keep on thinking....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Fishermen On Strike

When diesel & petrol price were at its highest there was no talk of strike by fishermen thoughout the country though there are abundant issues of diesel smuggling. I was wondering why fishermen today want to go on strike when the government is trying their very best to lowered diesel price...and now its lowered to 13 cents per litre...

The fishermen are adamant in holding the strike just to prove their point without considering the efforts by the government to accomodate their needs and seem the strike will be is a very unhealthy way to prove a point...

Questions ? Are these fishermen doing it for themselves or they doing it because someone or some interested party said so ? it the diesel price is too low to be smuggled out for bigger profit ?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SUPP TDC braces for a stormy affair

"If another person in the party commands majority support, there is no need to ask me to step down. I'll be out automatically" said Dr.George Chan reacting to SUPP Engkilili Branch motion asking him to step down. Much have been said about SUPP internal conflict since the last Parliamentary election. The bickering among the SUPP members from branches to branches, the question of leadership, the crisis of Dudong..and many more....Could this be the downfall of SUPP as the chinese based party that once proudly represented chinese voices in the government? Will Dr. George Chan step down as President if there is really a majority support for another person ? Will Toh Heng San, the Engkilili branch chairman be sacked from SUPP for going against the overall interest of SUPP ? All the way I see it...SUPP breed a stormy TDC next week...for SUPP ... Good Luck to Dr. George Chan and his comrades...

Kayveas Oh Kayveas Part II

PPP advisor, S I Rajah said PPP will not leave BN. He also said Kayveas, PPP President did not obtained the grasssroot consensus when making that threat. Another twist to it is..maybe this time...Kayveas himself may leave BN not PPP..and the way i see it...Kayveas should leave BN because he supported the idea to abolish ISA. ... ISA is supposed to be an act to ensure the security and harmony of our is a detterence to some quarters from making any statements or actions that may undermine the security and harmonious relationship that we have enjoyed for the past 51 Tun Mahathir once said "a nation that never learned from their mistakes will be punished over and over again"...and we are going into that direction now..with all the racism remarks from within our own elected representatives..not to mention from the opposition parties...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kayveas...Kayveas..Oh Kayveas !!!

PM statement on the threat by PPP to leave BN should serve as a reminder to other component party not to take things for granted. It's also about time the BN Chairman put his foot down to tell other BN component parties not to put self interest and ethnic popularity above the security of Malaysia.

The way I see it..Kayveas might be thinking...PM is a weak leader who might cave in to threats from PPP...well...Kayveas..serve u right!!!!!

PPP free to leave BN.....PM

Obviously Kayveas threat to leave BN if ISA is not amended backfired as PM boldly told PPP to leave BN if it chooses to do so. That's the first brave and bold move by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi since the March 8 election. Some BN component parties are taking advantage of Pak Lah moderate and compassionate style of leadership thinking that PM could be threatened into agreeing according to their whims and fancies. PM should have taken that bold stand a long time ago....

The way I see it..who is Kayveas and what has PPP contribute? PPP is just a 'mosquito party' and many times Kayveas has created controversies..and I do think its time for the PPP President to be put in his place!!.

Hurray for PM. .. or is it too late ?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dimana bumi di pijak .. Helen Ang

Helen Ang | Dec 4, 08 10:57am

1. Mukhriz Mahathir is not retracting his statement on vernacular schools.

He should visit the national schools during recess and see how pupils sit in their own racial groups while eating in the canteen. He should drop by after school hours and see the kids play within their own racial groups when waiting for the bus or to be fetched home. He should meet with the PTAs or read in the news, or in blogs how teachers in national schools bully and victimise Indian children.

Racism and religious supremacy is becoming endemic in national schools. Therefore putting all the kids under one roof will not solve what’s in essence a problem of communal politics.

Posted in Malaysakini

The way i see it..

Helen Ang should come to Sarawak and watch how Iban, Bidayuh, Kayan, Kenyah, Malay, Melanau and Chinese students eats, sit and play together either in national school, mission school or chinese school. The more we marginalised our children by ethnicity and races through our education system the bigger the gap will be between races, religion and ethnicity in Malaysia. To the eductaion ministry ...learn from Sarawak experience.....closing down schools is not solving anything..that i do agree...find a better solution..learn from our state...

Anwar Ibrahim and his dream

Few days ago i read about Anwar and his PKR friends intention to topple the state BN in the next state poll. He predicted Sarawak State Election could be held as early as next year. I guess afterthe failure of his 16th September took over, Anwar dreamt again and this time it is Sarawak the so called backbone of BN supremacy for the last 45 years. I saluted Anwar for not giving up the idea of toppling a legitimate elected government. His vision to govern the country, his dream of being in power and authority and his lust to be the Prime Minister amazed me. That is Anwar the way I see it..then again...

what have he achieved during his tenure as education minister and deputy prime minister ? No doubt he is a good orator..unchallenged as a speaker..and that's all he is...just talk and talk and talk and talk..with no action...if he really wanted to help Sarawak..he could have done so..a very..very long time ago...but alas...he only recently saw Sarawak as an opportunity to gain power! We 71 state constituencies and 31 Parlimentary constituencies...and that is what he needs.

for those Sarawakians who idolised Anwar Ibrahim..look back and think hard before making your decisions because the future of Sarawak well being is in your hands. if PKR and their friends took over the state..its either we are like Selangor, Kedah, Perak or Penang..with their promises unfulfilled...only then we will realised that we have been taken for a ride by PKR.

..and at the end of the's we..the people who suffer...not the politicians..

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Posted from Agenda Daily :

As i go through Agenda Daily, I was attracted to this post with the above I guess why not share it with some of my here it is..

Being in a hurry in his entire political career, Anwar Ibrahim’s statement that he was “not in a terrible hurry” to topple the Barisan Nasional government came as a shock to many political observers.
His way to the top, in UMNO and the government, during his hey-days as the “heir apparent” was always fast and speedy.
“Everyone knows that he is lying! First it was Sept 16, than Sept 20, he kept on postponing as he is only bluffing,” said a political observer.
On Thursday, the MP for Permatang Pauh told reporters the Pakatan Rakyat coalition was not in a terrible hurry (to topple Barisan Nasional) because, “particularly in the present economic downturn, we need to engage with government leaders to ensure they take the right measures.”
The political observer said Anwar’s statement could be construed as an admittance of defeat.
“Suddenly he wants to “engage” with government leaders, a move that had never crossed his mind before,” he added.
During an interview with news agency Bloomberg, Anwar had for the first time conceded that he was running out of options to unseat the government.
In the interview he also said that : “I am not saying we (Pakatan Rakyat) have no options left, but I’m saying it’s getting to be much more difficult.”
A senior political journalist contributed Anwar’s failure to the transition of power plan.
“Abdullah (Ahmad Badawi) decision not to contest in the coming UMNO election and to hand over the leadership to Najib (Tun Razak), had halted Anwar’s plan,” he said.
The transition of power, he added, was a popular move and well-accepted by the people.
“It showed that UMNO listen to the voice of the people. People needs changes and the transition is a move towards change,” he added.
He said that the change would stop or at least delay Anwar and his Pakatan Rakyat plan to upset the country’s political and economic stability.

Friday, November 21, 2008


KMK is not about Quality control Circle or famously dubbed 'KAWAN MAKAN KAWAN'. Its about three aspiring candidate for the UMNO Youth Wing Chief acroynm base on :
K for Khairy Jamaluddin, once famously tipped to take over from Hishamuddin, i.e before his father-in-law , the PM, decided to step down as UMNO President.
M for Mukhriz Mahathir, an outspoken not toeing UMNO line Jerlun MP who have asked Khairy father in law to step down. Muhkriz has his father's legacy and influence..and rightly so father like son..outspoken, bold and ever willing to take risk. Remember Mahathir?
K for Khir Toyo, once a powerful Selangor MB who famously present 'broomsticks' to non performing civil servants in Selangor (could be the reason for his ultimate downfall). Nonetheless Mukhriz has the highest of votes among the three candidates, but will that be translated into reality come March 2009? Muhkriz has all the powerful legacy and support of his dear father, while Khairy may ponder how influence his father-in-law is once he step down as Prime Minister? Khir Toyo ? Definitely he is wondering and scheming to get past these two young influential brass in order to be the new UMNO Youth Chief. Will he present 'broomsticks' to those who does not support him?

Thats It Shahrizat !!! Make Your Stand!!

Finally...i mean finally Shahrizat took her stand to go against Rafidah. Why wait for the transition plan? Though you only manage to garnered less votes than Rafidah, it does not mean you might lose. Take the risk!! Now is not the time to be 'yes' woman if UMNO Women wanted changes. Shahrizat should take the bold step and slay the dragon. Do not talk about changes if the leaders do not want to change..

Search for Mock Goes On...

Mock ? Where Are U and Who R U? Ebeez and One Other is still searching for u?? what áve u done to them? Are you somewhere near or someone who knows who ebeez and one other ? Reveal yourself...

I for one would also like to know who mock is...his comments make my blog brother Mock...present yourself to ebeez and one other. Abang Sardon and Me can be your mediator..or is it moderator?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rafidah Vs Shahrizat : Is This What They're Saying?

Rafidah vs Shahrizat : What Actually Was Said.

Excellence Service Award

Cuepacs said there is no need for awards if performance of civil servants drop. The annual award was to recognise civil servants who excelled in their duties. In my opinion the gesture by PSD was noble in by giving excellece award to the deserving civil servants. But the noble gesture has been manipulated and does not paint a true picture of the excellence in civil service.

As I see it some of the awards are given to those who are almost at the end of their carreers even though these civil servants does not perform, but for the sake of appreciation these groups of civil servants received their excellence award. Some received their awards just because they have not received it since it was implemented while others received it just because they are very close to the boss.

Cuepacs and PSD should do a survey and review certain criterias because the excellence award should be carried on but with strict supervisions and criterias.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rafidah and Shahrizat

What' the fuss all about? No need transition plan! Just go fight it out! The winner takes all. No more talks please, Rafidah or Shahrizat. Both of you are potraying what PKR, DAP and PAS have been saying all these while, that is, UMNO is all about power..even their women wings are tussling to gain control..

Mr. PM sir, lets Rafidah and Shahrizat battle it for the Chief post, do not intervene..

Johnical Rayong For SUPP ?

Independent Engkilili Assemblyman still harbours hope to join SUPP, though SUPP President said SUPP had to think about the other component parties before making a decision. Dr. George Chan said another assemblyman will be very helpful to SUPP although it still depend on BN. Rayong said he had no intention of joining Adit to PKR because his principle is to join BN.

A bold statement from an Independent assemblyman, knowing well BN policies of not accepting any independent candidate that won against a BN candidate during the last state election. Rayong have in many occasions attended BN functions and worked closely with other BN counterparts. It seem his mind is set to join any party of BN that is willing to accept him in the fold.

Question ? Why join BN when in the first place he stand against BN candidate in the last election? What was his principle in going against BN in the first place? Is it against the policy or the chosen candidate ?

Mock who or Who is Mock ?

Someone keep asking who is mock? someone somewhere in the cyber world who is getting his way by his and always on his way...could this be mock ?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why Non Bumi's Shun Civil Service ?

A comment from a retired military colonel "main reasons many non bumi's were not applying to become civil servants could be because they did not see themselves in a better position in the sector". He comment further "if 30% in the civil service is allocated for non-bumi's workers, then in the top posts a similar fraction should be allocated".

"I hope the Chinese should be given equal chances like the bumiputeras in the public service. There should not be discrimination or favouritism in the recruitment of new civil servants", quip a 20 year old sales assistant.

As i see it, its all about being in the top positon, the authority, the command. Long time ago, most of the Chinese are holding top post in government department, yet other races still worked without prejudice. I do believe in JPA criteria, there is no mentioned of races or ethnicity for position in public sector. The top criteria was the academic qualification. I believe there are equal opportunities for every citizens of Malaysia...the only thing is..the perception of certains races.. as said by this fellow, Chang "the reasons non-bumiputeras were not enthusiastic to apply for jobs in the government through PSD was because of the perception that the government favoured bumiputera workers".

If that is not blame others for not being given equal oppotunities.

Dewi - Dewi Penerangan Sarawak

PTK : Exam Oriented Civil Service

Cuepacs is planning a nationwide roadshow to explain to the civil servants of the rationale behind the plan to boycott PTK. I for one agreed with Cuepacs move in boycotting PTK as we have becoming an exam oriented civil servants in the quest to get promoted. Gone are the days when experiences, seniority and credibility were measured for promotion..nowadays you can get promoted if you passes your PTK (with the availability of post, of course) within five years in the civil service.

The question here is are the officers that passed their PTK competent enough ? Some officers failed their PTK not that they are not good....they are not just focusing on the exams.

We are Malaysians are basically exam oriented people..from schools through the civil service. Wonder if PTD goes through the same procedures?

Masing and Larry Agreed..

One thing that Masing and Larry Sng agreed. Sack PRS members who joined PKR dinner in Sibu. Who will make the first move? Masing or Larry ?

It is also rumoured that Larry Sng factions will enblocked join PKR, thus Jimmy Donald the PRS Deputy President of that faction boldly announced his stand, or is he just the 'messenger boy' or the ' scapegoat'.

The way I see it, Anwar is making inroads into Sarawak politics.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Jimmy Donald and Gabriel Adit Finally Make The Move

Finally, Gabriel Adit and Jimmy Donald made their intentions known to public though news have spread months ago about their intention of joining PKR. Who will be next is yet to be seen.

Anwar praise Adit for his bold move and hope this will be a new beginning for PKR in Sarawak. Adit quotes 'I joined PKR because BN door has been shut for me'. A desperado move from Adit for his political survival. Jimmy Donald was the surprise package for the night as he is the Deputy President of PRS, YB Larry Sng faction. What action will be taken by Larry Sng? Jimmy Donald could be frustrated because he was drop from BN list of candidate for Parliamentary election, thus prompting him to join PKR in order to prolong his political carreer.

The way I see it, these political desperados must make their move in order to be YB's in the next state elections. In the political world nothing is impossible. Today they could be BN YB's and friends but tomorrow who knows? Look at Anwar! A former Deputy PM, Finance Minister but because of his fallout with the former PM he turn into an opposition with his undying desire to be Prime Minister of Malaysia, either through the election process or the coup d'etat as planned by buying BN MP's. And look at Gabriel Adit! A four term assemblyman who still want to be in power in Ngemah though he has to trade his 'skin' in order to hold on to the position.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Make Up Your Mind..Please Sir

The Education Ministry have not decided whether to continue teaching Science and Mathematics in English. The issue has been widely debated by many so called professionals teachers and politicians. Have they took into account the dilemma faced by parents and students?

For the sake of these groups please make up your mind. Don't go forth and back. The indecisiveness either to use English or Bahasa Malaysia may put us further behind in terms of education. Look at Japan or Korea. They uses their national language and yet they are one of the top nations in the world in term of innovations.

Why should we keep changing our minds on which language to be used for Science and Mathematics. If English is acceptable go for it. What's the fuss about it ?

The way I see it..don't be pressured into making decisions for the sake of popularity.

Unprepared Minister ?

Nazri, Minister in the Prime Minister Department has got his facts wrong when he said the six judges were not sacked but was put to early retirement thus enabling them to received their pensions. Nazri said he was wrong to make such statement. Nazri said when he was asked in Parliament, he had no such fatcs but he has to reply instantly.

Well at least now we know not all Minister know what they are doing without the help of government officers. Such is the impression given and no wonder BN ministers are being 'bombed' left and right by the opposition.

Nazri's action put a bad taste into the credibility of the government..and that's the way I see it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bangsa Malaysia , Anyone Can Be PM

When Barack ( is it pronounced 'barak' or 'berek'..ha ha ha) Obama won the US Presidency everyone was talking about how anyone or everyone can be a President regardless the colour of skin. Malaysians..being who we are jump on the wagon praising the US democracy and the maturity of the US voters..especially the politicians.

Less these politicians and other Malaysians forgets, the blacks in US has been fighting for their rights 200 years ago and it is their 44th President! We, in Malaysia have only just celebrated our 51st Independence and only just..i mean just having 4 Prime Minister. The 5th is just coming soon. We will have another 40 more or so Prime Minister before we really can discard the race and religion fellow Malaysians.

Not that I totally disagree with the concept of Bangsa Malaysia but the journey to put anyone or someone to be the Prime Minister in Malaysia will be a long, hard and turmoil one. Just one good example: Why should we have a Tamil School, a Chinese School ? Why can't we just have a school that caters for all without the identification of races and ethnics ? After all, we are going to inculcate the Bangsa Malaysia concept. Right?

Another good example : Why should we have parties of MCA, MIC, UMNO, PBB, SUPP, PRS, UPKO, etc-etc that reflects the ethnicity and races ? Can we be throw that style of politics ? If we can only then the Bangsa Malaysia concepts and anyone can be the next Prime Minister. If not..just stop talking nonsense.

Grappling With Truth

Yesterday we tried out our new football field (if you want to call it a field) near the HQ Office. Eleven players turned up, including myself. Despite the wet and muddy pitch due to the heavy rain, the game was carried on..

Well at age of 46 years old the legs does not respond much to the desire to play football. Funny enough one guy turned up using his grass cutting boots..and joined the fun..after an hour the game was over and my body was aching all over..luckily i did not have cramps...

Kudos to the efforts of those who have make the field possible to play football.
Keep On Shining..

Too Few Road Signs May Kill

A self proclaimed activist (seeking galmour and attention..ha ha ha) Hii Tiong Huat said too few road sign may kill. Mr. Hii have caused sensation over his 'over the hill' action by going against the local authority over road signs.

Don't get me wrong Mr.Hii but I think too many road signs may also kill because of the confusions. As in a well known proverb "too many cooks spoil the broth", too many authorities handling the same issue may eventually cause havoc on the road. In Malaysia there are so many authority just to look after our tranportation woes.. we have Road Transport Department, Police, JKR, Local Authority, JKJR ..and so on..

So it goes to say.... shine on bro'

Keep On Shining

dear are not looking at a new blog. its just me. need some changes. someone did comment the name alam sinar..well i do agree with why not. after all it still shining though just a skull...ha ha ha.. but my url still stands as

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Typical Of UMNO..Not Surprised

Shahrizat took an about turn and rammed the transition planned by Rafidah. Nothing is surprising in UMNO. If they can persuade Abdullah Badawi to hastened the premiership transition nothing much could be said about UMNO Wanita. Neither Rafidah nor Shahrizat is in the Cabinet and there is nothing to lose. Rafidah had been Wanita UMNO Chief for more than 20 years so i do feel Rafidah should have enough of it. Time to let go.. Rafidah.

As I see it..the juggling for power in UMNO will be the catalyst for UMNO demise in Malaysian political scene..

Adit Joins PKR ?

Gabriel Adit the Independent YB is reported to join PKR soon. Adit, once a BN member turn Independent because he was not selected as a BN candidate for N43 Ngemah in State election 2006. Formerly an elected YB from PBDS he go against the wish of PRS and won the seat. Though he always mentioned he is not against the government policies and supported Pehin Sri Taib, his action speaks differently.

Now if he contemplates of joining PKR and go in tandem with PKR policies it is not a surprising move. It happened to any political aspirants whwnever his wishes and whims are not entertained by the party they represented.

Nonetheless, if his action is a signal that some other BN YB's might 'jump ship' with him, BN should be cautious and more wary of its members that ' speak differently from their actions'. Adit may attracted a 100 or so supporters with him to PKR but his 'pengaruh'may be confined to Kanowit area.

Then again.. who knows what our politicians are thinking !!

Batang Ai belong to PRS

Dato Sri James Masing reminded other BN partners not to be dragged into those who are eyeing Batang Ai. The complaint he received claimed that another BN component is also eyeing the seat though he did not mention either it was PBB or SPDP. Masing reiterate that Batang Ai belong to PRS and no other BN partner should ever tried to 'pull strings' over them just because the incumbent Datuk Dublin is down with stroke.

He warned, "I did not say who it was but so many people are claiming the seat, so just make sure component parties are not involved".

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What A Laugh

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim reiterates the judges were sacked not asked to retire early as contended by Nazri. Datuk Zaid said the ex-gratia was given to the five judges in kindness and gratitude for their service.

Former PM Tun Mahathir said the five judges were sacked and why the hell did Nazri said otherwise? What tickled me is that Datuk Zaid said he will not cave under pressure from opposition to disclose the ex-gratia payment! Why ? Because he is now with the Opposition while enjoying the benefits of being a Senator from BN.

Who is right or wrong in this matter, we'll never know but one thing i'm certain is that the Malaysian public are seeing 'clowns'.

PRS Rumbles Again

Sidi Munan of the Sng faction have challenged Datuk Dr. James Masing and Wilfred Nissom to a public debate on the interpretation of PRS constitution as to which of the two factions is legitimate.

Well the storm in PRS is still rumbling and it was definitely a 'false alarm' during the Parliamentary election. Beginda Minda certainly has 'disturbed' the fantasia of calmness in PRS. Some political pundits might say this is just another phase in maturing PRS but to some 'lighting may strike twice'.

Sarawak State election is near but PRS is still fighting to get the rights of ownership. Will PRS survive their leadership crisis this time ? Only Masing, Nissom, Sidi and Sng will determine? But who suffered most if PRS crisis deepened into 'no-mans land'? Its always the supporters of the two factions.

Masing, Nissom, Sidi and Sng can always sit and enjoy their cup of coffee at the same table once the storm is all over but can their supporters do so ? The Iban being the majority of Sarawak population are mostly scattered throughout Sarawak and many are staying in rural areas that are in dire need of developments and social amenities. The PRS crisis carried forward by the PBDS crisis is another heartache for the Iban community.

Unfortunately or is it just a coincidence that Masing and Sng hails from Kapit and their bickering for the leadership of PRS may detour their focus on the need of road linking Kapit to other major towns.

Well Kapit voters..cast your votes wisely.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Batang Ai under threat ?

PRS President is concerned that another BN component party is stalking claim to Batang Ai constituency. He alleged another BN member is signalling that they wanted the Batang Ai seat though he did not mention which BN partner.

Batang Ai incumbent Datuk Dublin Unting is still in hospital recovering from sickness thus prompting many 'would be YB's' projecting themselves as possible BN candidates especially from other BN partner, not to mention the PKR.

Masing concerned is well measured especially with the many outburst from PRS members who wish to see a fair share of the DUN seats allocated to them. His warning to other BN partners to stay out of Batang Ai is another indication that PRS is not willing to compromise to other BN partners in Sarawak. His warning also signalled 'no more bullying please' to the Sarawak BN Supreme Council.

ISA Issue

SUPP Pending Branch is urging the federal government to review ISA (refer Borneo Post 10/11/08, page 6). Pending Branch adopted the resolution during its branch TGM yesterday. It is interesting to note that some BN coalition partners are supportive of the motion proposed by PR coalition. Recently, Billy Abit Joo a BN MP supported the motion and was praised by PRS President for his bravery.

Noting that, nothing was mention of Billy Abit action against the BN code of ethics by any BN coalition partners, thus prompting another BN coalition party to adopt such resolutuion. One's wonders why all this action is not 'properly look into' by the BN Supreme Council. Will SUPP President take action against the branch ? Or it is just another 'bravery' from another party members?

Friday, November 7, 2008

WOW...RM 10.5 Million payout

Wooooow!!!!!! I am now really confused after listening to Nazri explaination. According to reports the judges were sacked and yet Nazri clarified their services were not terminated. Besides the whooping RM 10.5 million payout these judges also received their pension and other benefits. If these judges retired what the hell is RM10.5 million for?

Dompok Want Project Scrapped

Bernard Dompok is adamant in his pursuit to scrap the Sabah Sarawak Gas Pipeline Project. The project costing RM1.5 billion is expected to be operational in 2011.

It seem the BN minister himself is not happy with federal government decision to implement such project that he deem not beneficial to the Sabahan.

Is this another act of defiant from another BN component party or another threat to get what Sabahan want from UMNO led BN ? Most Sabah ministers are 'brave' to voice their dissatisfactions..unlike Sarawak BN ministers...

Beginda Quits PRS

Beginda Minda point that PRS struggle was out of the original contexts, thus prompting him to quit the party. Beginda Minda caused a furore by saying PRS was bullied by PBB in the BN coalition and recently said Pehin Sri Taib had overstayed his tenure as Chief Minister.

What was PRS really struggling for ? Power ? More DUN & Parliamentary seats ? It seem Beginda Minda had forgotten how those in PRS (formerly PBDS) stabs Sarawak BN in the back yet PBB and SUPP is gracious enough to accept them back in the BN fold. When PBDS split and PRS was form..Pehin Sri Taib was still willing to accept the PRS YB's in the State Cabinet.

Beginda Minda could just be another 'sour grape' or another 'scape goat' to achieve what PRS is really struggling for.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life In Kapit

Will u ever see this happened in your town? This happened in everyday lives of many Kapit folks who never tires voting for BN. For many of us buying a motorcycle is just going to the shop, sign an agreement, then ride the motorcycle home..but not to Kapit people. The motorcycle have to be transported by express boat to Kapit..and behold....some 'coolies' will carry it on their backs from the express boat onto the wharf.

Luckily during this photo shot..the tide is high and it take less effort by this two coolies to carry the bike onto the wharf. Imaging their perils if the tide is low.

On the other does seem funny...because before anyone ride these bikes...these bikes 'rides' first... but what attracted me most these coolies (a lot of them at the wharf) struggle to earn their living....

It goes to Malaysia you can earned an honest living if you try...

Dompok said NO..but Pehin Sri Taib said..

...Sabah Sarawak Pipeline Gas Project will boost the economy of both states. The project involved a 512 kilometer pipeline (inland) from the Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal to be built in Kimanis, to Petronas LNG Complex in Bintulu.

Dompok, Minister in Prime Minister Department however stated the project will not benefits the people in Sabah and reiterate, Sabah will lose the oil and gas industry if its' gas are to be sent to Sarawak.

Excuses ? Or just another 'not satisfied' BN members who feels the federal government lack its commitment in developing Sabah?

BN Saga Drags On

Dissatisfaction among the smaller BN components drags on with Bernard Dompok UPKO thus prompting Sabah PKR liasion Deputy chairman, Daniel John Jambun to challenged Dompok & UPKO to quit BN coalition and follow the footsteps of Yong Teck Lee and SAPP.

Dompok has raised his objection to the Sabah Sarawak Gas Pipeline Project stating it would not benefits the people of Sabah. By far no Sarawak BN component party leaders have comment on the issue.

Will we see another BN component party sacked ? Will this objections by Dompok carry any impact on the Pensiangan By-election ? What action will be taken by BN towards Dompok and his party? Reprimanded ? Sacked ?

Barack Obama Wins Over American Voters

Barack Obama, conquers American voters and became the 1st black US President. In many ways the US Presidential elections have tackled the issue of black Americans and their rights. And rightly so that when Obama was announced the winner, many black American was in tears. It has been a long way since the 'Kunta Kinte' era that blacks are finally accepted into the American lives and put upon 'a high pedestal' becoming their leader and President.

The coming of Obama to the world stage will see how far foreign US policies will change as mentioned during their campaign. Many countries would love to see a more friendlier US rather than the 'conquering approach of the Bushes' administration. Hopes are high throughout the world for Obama to makes changes.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Express Boat 'Sarawak Boleh' Stewardess

The only express boat that have stewardess to serve food and drinks to the guest especially if you are a VVIP. The express boat 'Sarawak Boleh' really does Sarawak proud with its rich and elegant interior having a Business Class, First Class, Second Class and of course the VIP Suite. It was an enjoyable journey back to Sibu for some of us and a ' pain in the ears' for many of the entourage who listened to the ramblings of so called 'stewardess'. It is saddened to note that 'this beautiful lass' have never been to Kuala Lumpur and experience the glitter, glamorous life of the capital city.

Well boys and gentlemen (or should i say, 'gatalmen') he he...ANY TAKERS?

Charlie's Angels ?

I remember someone said "these are my angels" and i guess these must be Charlie's Angels.. but where is "Bosley"?

Bully Issue In BN Raves On

Dato Sri William Mawan, SPDP President quote ; "we are very happy with the way BN coalition has been managed and how SPDP is playing its role within. Of course, I am not saying that up to this point of time, we have everything that is to the highest level of our satisfaction". The comments come about after the bullying issue in BN was raised by Gerakan Women Chief, Tan Lian Hoe, followed by PRS members Beginda Minda and Nanta Chaku.

It seem two party president of Sarawak BN coalition had make their stand and comment their commitment to the coalition. When will PRS President do so ?

Sibu SUPP Crisis Rumbles On

Dr.Soon Choon Teck says he will not interfere if court injunctions affecting the party had already been filed. SUPP President, Dr.George Chan urged members who filed th injunctions to retract them immediately. The injunctions was filed by members of Dr.Soon factions that lose severely in SUPP Sibu Branch elections. On Monday, SUPP CWC decided to issue show-cause letters to several Sibu SUPP members who brought party matters to court.

Will 'peace' prevailed within SUPP Sibu Branch even though 'peace offerings' have been detailed by their supremo?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tasting The Sweetness of field operation

Smiling Faces of Information Minister

The Many Expressions Of Our Beloved DG

Feel Good Sign ?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Apa ?

Is This A Contest ?

Ivy Stephen Sekai

Favourite Male of Information Department 2

Information Department Favourite Male

Please chose and pick the best of these groups.