Thursday, September 25, 2008

Prices of petrol and diesel are 10 cents cheaper?

Thank You to the government effort in lowering the prices of fuel...and hopefully the government will ..and can CONTROL the prices of other goods. During the fuel price hike.. many 'towkays'and retailers used that excuse to raise the goods prices...citing high cost of transportations..etc..etc.. but now not even a whimper...from those complaining 'towkays'and say ..OK ..we will lower the goods prices!!!!

I HOPE THE KPDNHEP will intensified their efforts at all levels... not only in KL..or semenanjung states... but about Sarawak? Kuching..Sri Aman, Betong, Sarikei, Sibu, Mukah, Kapit, Miri, Limbang, Samarahan and Bintulu? and their districts?

Respec t The People's Choice

I do hope Anwar Ibrahim really knows what he is saying. He told Abdullah Badawi to 'respect the people's choice' because he's going to take over the government with claims he has the majority and request for a smooth takeover.. I do believed the peoples have chosen the BN government with a 142 seats..dully elected representatives that's the peoples' choice. Anwar's asking Abdullah Badawi to 'RESPECT THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE'. So hopefully Anwar ' walk the talk' before continuing with his undying dreams of becoming the prime minister with whatever means he can...including using money to entices the BN elected MP's to support his lust and desire to be the most powerful person in Malaysia.

If he does manage to be PM for buying peoples'representatives' imaging what he can do if he is in POWER??? Imaging our so call democratic parliamentary system?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Anwar's Power Crazy

Thumbs up for Dato' Seri Tiong, the Bintulu MP for nailing the issue. Yes Dato' Seri Anwar is really power crazy..and it show in his quest to unseat the government..either through the democratic process or just by means of force and immorality...what i mean by force is the 'peoples power' as Anwar usually did before this...and with his 'money power' now.. he is trying to buy out those elected representatives...his mission : TO BE THE MALAYSIAN PRIME MINISTER...and this mission was started years ago....

To the elected representatives of Sarawak and Sabah.... TO BE OR NOT TO BE... be brave enough to say NO! NO! NO! to PKR attempt at overpowering the government. We never know who is really the power BEHIND PKR and stated in Wawasan 2020... we want a modernised and advanced Malaysia by our own ways of life..culture and believes and ways... NOT Malaysia MOULD into the second USA, UK or please...think and put the Malaysian spirit alive... for our future generations...we do not want to be another Iraq, or Iran or Afghanistan..we do not want a puppet Prime Minister...we want a free malaysia..

Race Relation Not An Issue In Sarawak

I fully agreed on the statement made by Dato' Seri Awang Tengah Ali Hassan on the issue. Home Minister Datuk syed Hamid should have come over to Sarawak and Sabah to learn the real facts of harmonious relationship between races in the two states rather than hastily proposing an a new act which could backfired..

Why now? why questions after we have enjoyed 51 years of independence? As said by Prof. Khoo.. its' the politicians who have started all the mess.. not the peoples.. so hopefully the politicians themselves should reconsider what to say whenever they make their speeches to gain support and mileage from their respective constituencies...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Akta perpaduan kaum

i do not know if any sarawakian feels the need for that act to be implemented!!.. in semenanjung may be..because...the malays cannot sit, work, eat nor mingle freely with other races such as chinese or indians..even they cannot mingle closely with other malays from other states...

Anwar's a THREAT

PM's comments on Anwar being a threat to the security and economy of the country is echoed by many though the opposition does not think so. So speculation were rife that Anwar could be detained under ISA and this worries many opposition leaders such as PAS spritual leader, Nik Aziz.

My question is.. why is the government or the opposition so hook up on what Anwar is doing? Why should the rakyat and the government worries so much?..Even if its true that Anwar is trying to be PM..there are laws, regulations..even if Anwar has the backing of the MP's be it BN or Opposition...prove it..if only there are just talks.. let him talks for all he wants... let him have his press conference daily...